Traveling with medications
Traveling with medications
Senior Travel Tip: Traveling with Medications
posted on 04/15/2011 via . Judy
Traveling with medications doesn't have to be stressful! Read on to find out the necessary steps for traveling with prescription medications, liquid medications and other medication-related items.

When traveling with medications, it is important to make sure that you have the most up to date information regarding security screening procedures. The general policies and procedures for medically necessary liquids and medications are as follows:

Prescription liquid medications and other liquids needed by persons with disabilities and medical conditions are permitted through security. Such items may include but are not limited to: saline solution, eye drops, petroleum jelly, water, juice or liquid nutrition, items used to augment the body for medical or cosmetic reasons. However, if the liquids are larger than 3.4 ounces each, they must be declared verbally, in writing, or by a caregiver to the Transportation Security Officer, and are not to be placed in a quart-sized bag with other non-medical related liquids. It is recommended to bring any supporting documentation of medication related items and/or liquids, but not required.

Tips for seniors traveling with medications:

  1. Give advance notice to your travel agent if you require assistance at the airport.
  2. Pack your medications in a separate pouch/bag to make the inspection process easier.
  3. Check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to travel, and that your prescription will last for the duration of your travels.

To read more about traveling with medications, go to If you have concerns about traveling to a specific location with medications and special needs, such as hotels, tours and excursions, we recommend contacting the property or company that you booked your travel with directly to ensure you get the correct information for a comfortable and safe vacation. To get more information on traveling with disabilities, read our Traveling with Disabilities Travel Tip.

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